My name is Jane and I am based in the North East of England.  My reason for setting up this blog was to keep a diary of my training and the races I will complete, I hope it will keep me motivated and will show my progress and achievements along the way.

Running was not my first love, in fact the first time I stepped out I couldn’t even run a mile and thought how do people do this!  I was puffing and panting and felt like I was going to collapse, it wasn’t as if I was totally unfit either.  I got into fitness first after I joined a local exercise class I had been putting weight on gradually and knew I had to do something about it.  The classes included Kettlesize, Metafit and Insanity and I soon came to love the buzz of completing a tough workout.  I still attend the classes 3 to 4 times a week and fit in running in between I can’t bring myself to stop the classes and just run because I love them so much and there is the social side aswell.

I entered my first organised running event last year, the Durham City Run 10k, and I roped my mam in to do the 5k route.  What a brilliant night we had the atmosphere was amazing there was so many people out cheering all the runners on!  I got such a great sense of achievement afterwards and was so pleased with my time of 52:20 I had put my time for completing it at 1:05:00.  I wore my finishers medal with pride.  After this I entered quite a few more local events throughout 2017, a few road races and a couple of trails which were quite a challenge.  I am carrying on this on in 2018 and have signed up for quite a few events already – I’m going to be busy!

The longest run I entered in 2017 was the Hamsterley Forest 10 Miler, I was not confident of completing a distance like this but I wanted to try and my thoughts were if I have to stop and walk for a bit then so be it.  I shouldn’t have doubted myself I did run the whole race including the hill that went on forever!  My time was 1:28:34 and I was over the moon with this.  I also dragged my mam along to this one and she completed the 5 Mile route I was so proud of her she really put the training in and I’m sure she will be joining me for many of the 2018 events I am looking forward to.

After completing the 10 Miler I started to think could I push on and complete a Half Marathon and when I saw the Durham Coastal Half Marathon come up I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  It took me a few weeks of to and fro before I plucked up the courage to sign up and I am quite scared of this one it says it’s off road and very challenging.  I am worried that I should have chosen a flat road Half Marathon for my first one but I’m all signed up now and have until June to prepare myself.